Idris Elba says he's too old for James Bond

If you're heading out this weekend to see STAR TREK BEYOND, you'll have the pleasure of seeing Idris Elba play the villain, Krall. He's definitely the best villain we've had thus far in the rebooted TREK universe, although there's another character fans are itching to see him play: James Bond. Rumors have been swirling about whether or not Daniel Craig would return, or who would play the new Bond, and Elba's name keeps jumping to the top of the list. In speaking with Good Morning America, Elba spoke a bit about this rumor and his thoughts on taking the role.

Idris Elba on playing James Bond:

I keep saying if it were to happen it would be the will of a nation because there hasn’t been any talks between me and the studio about any of that. But everywhere I go people want that to happen, so...but if I’m really honest man, I think I’m too old for that man, running around in cars and ladies and martinis, who wants to do that? Sounds terrible.

When it comes to casting Bond, the producers have never shied away from the unpopular vote, otherwise we would have seen Clive Owen don the tux long ago. As far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing. Idris Elba is a phenomenal actor and I love the roles I'm seeing him in lately. He'd make a badass James Bond, for sure, but I'd rather see him in other roles aside from the de facto English action hero.

You can check out Idris Elba in STAR TREK BEYOND which is now in theaters!

Source: ABC News



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