Interactive Super 8 trailer buried inside Portal 2

If we were a video game site, we'd be covering the release of Portal 2 non-stop, as it's one of the most anticipated titles of the year, but as we're movie driven, I'm just going to point you to this one piece of content hidden inside the game.

It's an interactive trailer for SUPER 8 that's listed under the "extras" portion of the game. And really, it's less of a trailer, and more of a game itself, as the video walkthough below (via Kotaku) shows.

There doesn't seem to be too terribly much to interact with, but I have a hunch if you take your time to explore, there are a few hidden clues here. You're on the train we see explode in the trailer, and again it does just that. We see the creature banging on the door to get out, and when it finally does, we hear its Cloverfield monster-esque roar.

Check it out below, and if you have Portal 2 yourself, tell us if you've found anything hidden in this minigame.

Extra Tidbit: Annnd how's Portal 2? First impressions?
Source: Kotaku



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