Interview: American Reunion Stars Tara Reid and Thomas Ian Nicholas

Watching AMERICAN REUNION certainly gives audiences a full dose of nostalgia. It was not only fun to see these folk again on the big screen, but it was also quite a thrill to chat with them in person. One of the most relatable couples in this series is Kevin and Vicky (Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid) and yes, the two re-kindle their buddy-ship again, but are they older and wiser?

Much can be said about Tara Reid and her partying lifestyle, yet when I sat down with her and her on-screen BFF Thomas, it was a very pleasant experience. We chatted about Mr. Nicholas finally getting a track on the soundtrack for the film. He is clearly excited about it as he should be. We also talked about the characters and how they don’t necessarily end up how you’d expect them to. You could say that Kev and Vic were the more serious couple of teens from East Great Falls, Michigan. AMERICAN REUNION opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

"If I grew this beard for a joke, let's make it a joke!"

Extra Tidbit: Which AMERICAN PIE couple can you relate to the most?
Source: JoBlo.com



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