INT: Bryan Singer

Note: This interview took place during the weekend of the San Diego Comic Con, July 20-23.

My time with Bryan Singer was originally to be five minutes. Not a lot of time but he only had a limited amount of time set aside for interviews at the Con so I was happy to get that much. When I showed up for our scheduled interview, I was told that five minutes would be cut in half. “Talk fast,” I told myself. Oh, and "You’re his last interview of his very long day", I was told next. No pressure. “Talk really fast,” I told myself.

Mike Sampson: Thanks for doing this.

Bryan Singer: No, thank you. Thank you. I saw you standing there and I felt really bad.

When I got here it was so packed you could barely hear yourself think and now...

It’s quieted down. Just me and you.

So why did you decide to come to the Con this year? You were here last year and obviously the movie’s been out for a few weeks now...

I did this with X-MEN 1; after the movie had come out I did this presentation that showed something - I don’t remember what I showed. I felt that it was a really good way to... Over the years I’ve made three comic adaptations and I built a relationship with fans and I feel that having a direct dialogue as best one can in a room with 7,000 people and it’s also just a good way to gauge and feel the reaction. This being the first SUPERMAN movie... (pauses)

Did you feel the love?

I did! I always do. Every year the crowd gets bigger and the applause is a little more pitched and it makes me feel excited. I feel like probably like what musicians feel like when they take the stage. But I also pick up subtle effects here and there that help me craft a sequel. I want to in some way interact with the fans and this is one of the ways that one does that.

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Was Richard Donner going to be here anyway or was that your idea to bring him?

He was gonna come and we had the idea to introduce him and have him on stage, thinking the two of us on stage together would just be a blast. A lot of my film is very much a love song to what he did in 1978. And to have him there on stage and to see an audience like that laugh at scenes he shot for a movie that were cut a long time ago and pieced back together was pretty amazing.

It’s funny that your movie had a scene somewhat similar to that one where Lois starts to think Clark might be Superman.

I know, isn’t it weird? With the newspaper and them looking up. Yeah, so weird. Very funny. I didn’t know. I had no idea that scene existed when I wrote that.

I see we have to go, but can you talk a little bit about “Ultimate: X-Men” before we leave?

We’ve been working on it and it’s been heavily delayed because of SUPERMAN RETURNS but me, Mike [Dougherty] and Dan [Harris] are still –

Oh so Mike and Dan are writing with you?

Yup, yeah.

Oh great. OK I’ll let you go. Thanks again for waiting.

No problem. Seriously, thank you!

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