Interview: Hit and Run stars Joy Bryant and Tom Arnold

When I first heard the name Joy Bryant, I was only slightly familiar with her as an actress. From TV’s “Parenthood” and a number of supporting roles in films like THE SKELETON KEY and BOBBY, it was fun to see her working with such an engaging ensemble cast in the fantastic new film HIT AND RUN.

There is something about sitting down with such a beautiful and talented girl like Joy. She exudes energy and is so incredibly nice. During our conversation we talked about Bradley Cooper beat boxing, working with friends and playing a chick with a little attitude.

As for our second interview below, I thought Tom Arnold gave another very funny performance opposite real life couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell in this movie. Both he and Shepard worked incredibly well together so it is not surprising that the two are such good friends. While comedic action is nothing new for Arnold – TRUE LIES anybody? – it's nice to see the actor in this terrific little movie.

When I sat down with Tom we talked about his friendship with Dax. And since there is a whole lot of a revved up action in HIT AND RUN we talked cars and driving. Then to finish up, "gay pick up apps on iPhones" came into the conversation. It was a pleasure talking to this very funny man. HIT AND RUN is one of the best surprises of the summer and it opens this coming Wednesday, August 22nd.

“ I’ve seen his work, he’s great, he is handsome… and he is like a really dope like freestyle hip hop music head!”

“… the most arrogant son of a bitch I’ve ever f*cking met!”

Source: JoBlo.com



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