Interview: The Last Stand Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most iconic figures if Hollywood that has ever lived. It is hard not to be in awe of his cigar chomping, larger-than-life presence. From CONAN THE BARBARIAN to THE TERMINATOR to TRUE LIES, he has become a legendary figure that is once again - after eight years as the Governor of California – is back on-screen in THE LAST STAND. His co-star is a completely different kind of legend, king of JACKASS, Johnny Knoxville and just like Tom Arnold in TRUE LIES Knoxville is hilarious in the new film.

After an insane weekend of junketing for the film the two icons sat down for interviews promoting the new action flick. Of course, Schwarzenegger really went all out to spread the word of his latest starring vehicle, by giving several movie web site folks a ride in his own personal vehicle – a tank he used in the Austrian army (scroll down to see a 15-minute video of the event).

However, even meeting the man for a tank ride didn’t quite prepare me for sitting across from him for an interview. It was hard not to feel a little nervous chatting with the action hero. Thankfully, both Knoxville and Schwarzenegger made a fun pair as the two talked about being fans of the others work. It was especially fun to hear how excited Arnold’s kids were about him getting to work with Knoxville. THE LAST STAND opens this Friday at a theatre near you!

Source: Joblo.com



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