Is Emma Watson joining a Guillermo del Toro produced Beauty and the Beast?

There hasn't been much luck adapting the "Beauty and the Beast" tale to the big screen since Disney's animated tale in the early-90s. BEASTLY tried recently and failed pretty spectacularly. But, as we've seen with the competing SNOW WHITE films, there are no shortage of people willing to take chances on reimagining popular stories. Now it seems Guillermo del Toro is adding another project to his busy plate, producing a new adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which may have Emma Watson attached to star.

Coming Soon spoke to producer Denise Di Novi yesterday who revealed she's working with the pair on an upcoming project. Di Novi says she's producing with del Toro and they're currently developing with Watson attached to the part. There were no details given on how this could or would differentiate itself from the myriad other attempts at the tale.

While I love del Toro, he does attach himself to many a project only to see them never make it to fruition (where is THE HAUNTED MANSION?), so before you get too excited, remember that the busy director is prepping PACIFIC RIM to shoot later this year and still is eager to make AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Watson just announced she's returning to Brown to finish her college degree.

I'm personally not very interested in another BEAUTY AND THE BEAST but I would be very curious to see what a GDT-inspired Beast would look like...

Source: Coming Soon



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