Is Sylvester Stallone finally going to give us Rambo V?

Rumors of a fifth Rambo film have been hitting the net ever since RAMBO kicked our collective asses in 2008. The fact that people are still talking about it is a great testament to the film, I think. Stallone solidified an action icon with the original films, and continued the character arc into a fourth film that was both visceral and crowd-pleasing. The bar was set high with RAMBO and there have been talks of a fifth film that have plot lines ranging from an UNFORGIVEN-esque journey to something more in line with PREDATOR.  Hell, even a TV show was being considered!

With that said, it's about that time when rumors start swirling around of a RAMBO V again.  The latest seems to come from German distributor Splendid Film, in having purchased the rights, and releasing the following statement (roughly translated):

With 'Rambo V' Sylvester Stallone returns in his iconic role. This time he goes up against a Mexican cartel. Stallone, who has also written the screenplay, describes the new Rambo as his version of 'No Country for Old Men.' Like the last film, 'Rambo V' is produced by Avi Lerner ("The Expendables 1-3").

Whether or not this news will snowball into an actual film, we'll have to wait and see. Stallone looks like he's having a good time in the Expendables flicks, but he's certainly not getting any younger. One wonders if the oft-dreaded "reboot" is not too distant in John Rambo's future.

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Source: FilmFutter



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