J.A. Bayona confirms Jurassic World trilogy

When a movie hits a certain level of success the question isn't if there will be a sequel, but how many. The same can be said of JURASSIC WORLD, a movie many thought would finish around the $200 million domestic mark before it demolished all expectations, topping off at $1.6 billion globally ($652 million domestic). Not only can we expect a sequel, but there have been hints that WORLD would be the beginning of a whole new series of dino-themed adventures.

Director of JURASSIC WORLD 2, J.A. Bayona, confirmed with EW that's exactly what's happening, with WORLD director Colin Trevorrow having set up what will end up being a strung-together trilogy of films:

“We’re very into Jurassic World right now. It’s very exciting. Colin Trevorrow has envisioned a whole trilogy of films. Very ambitious. And we’re writing the second chapter, working very close together. It’s very exciting. I cannot tell you very much about it, but we are very excited.”

Now that Bayona's words have solidified the nature of the sequels we can stop asking questions about how future JURASSIC movies will be handled. Would they be like FAST AND FURIOUS where there’s constantly a movie in the works with no end in sight despite the tagline for each movie being “one last ride”? Would they make one every now and again, each with a unique story? Nope. Those who guessed trilogy get a free sandwich.

The adventure sounds like it will continue the story of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s characters, even though they seemed to have solved their whole dinosaur-on-the-loose business at the end of WORLD. I've said before I’m not a huge fan of WORLD, mostly because I didn’t find any of the adventure (let alone the characters) particularly special. I'm still in shock at how much money the movie made, leading me to think they must’ve scarified many goats and bison to ensure the movie’s success. As long as they included “make the sequels better” in their chants, I’m cool with whatever voodoo they had to do.

WORLD 2 is set for June 22, 2018 while J.A. Bayona’s A MONSTER CALLS hits theaters later this year, and Colin Trevorrow will finish up the new STAR WARS trilogy with EPISODE IX in December 2019.

Source: EW



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