James Franco nails recreated The Room scenes in side-by-side video!

So we reported earlier that James Franco filmed almost 30 minutes of recreated THE ROOM footage for his film, THE DISASTER ARTIST. That's quite an impressive feat - made even more impressive when you consider most of it doesn't seem to have actually made it into the final cut. It's also really, really, eerily accurate - almost frame perfect. You can see at least some of the recreations in the video embedded above.

Having seen the film itself, it's definitely a love letter to THE ROOM phenomenon, and these recreations are a big part of that. Hell, that might've been the whole reason they made the film in the first place! So, did Franco recreate any of your favorite moments? And if not, which one would have liked to see THE DISASTER ARTIST cast tackle? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile, you can see THE DISASTER ARTIST in select theaters right now!

Extra Tidbit: Seth Rogen's exasperated script supervisor was the highlight of the film, in my opinion.



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