James Wan & Jason Momoa's Aquaman swims toward a Christmas 2018 release

If you were looking to guzzle some black label whiskey and swim with the dolphins while gazing into the mascaraed eyes of Jason Momoa's AQUAMAN, you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer as the film has been delayed from its original October 2018 release date to December 21, 2018. The Cliff's Notes version of why this is happening is that because James Cameron's AVATAR 2 won't be ready on time (shock and awe overwhelms the senses), James Wan's aquatic super hero adventure flick will be taking its place.

AQUAMAN stars GAME OF THRONES alum Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, the friend-to-all-fish super hero who can command schools of man-eating sharks and is known to be romantically entwined with DC Comic's Ariel with an attitude, Mera (Amber Heard). Joining Momoa and Heard for the film will be Willem Dafoe as Curry's adviser and scientist friend Dr. Vulko, Patrick Wilson who step into the role of Aquaman's villainous half-brother, Orm, and THE GET DOWN actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the evil Black Manta.

AQUAMAN now opens on December 21, 2018 in theaters everywhere.


Extra Tidbit: Funnily enough, Arthur Curry has been known to dine on seafood from time to time. Sacrilege!
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