Jason Momoa is in talks to become the new Crow

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THE CROW lives again.

The reboot over at Relativity that just won't seem to die looks to be getting new life now that Relativity's bankruptcy situation has been resolved with Jason Momoa in talks to star as the film's lead under the direction of Corin Hardy. 

THE CROW has typically followed Eric Draven, who rises from the dead with the help of the title bird to seek vengeance for the death of his fiancee. If this version of THE CROW stays true to its roots, Momoa would follow in the footsteps of the late Brandon Lee as a new version of that character.


Momoa is certainly a different approach than some of the names that have been floated for the role in the past (Bradley Cooper, Jack Huston, etc.), and it mostly stems from the fact that Momoa is an absolute bad-ass. This is Khal Drogo we're talking about and hardly the Aquaman that's been the butt of jokes for years. That alone brings a different dynamic to the role as someone we might not expect to go down in a fight. However, it does raise the possibility of a much more physical Crow once he's resurrected, lending the reboot to be more action-oriented than the 1994 original. 

For a redo that I've been iffy on in the past, Momoa certainly piques my interest, and who knows? While this will never be able to match Alex Proyas' cult classic, perhaps it can do something intriguing enough coming out of the source material to stand on its own. 


Source: Mashable



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