Joblo.com Unboxing: Hot Toys Nick Fury - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

One thing most of us around here at JoBlo.com love is collectibles and toys. We are nerdcore for that stuff and I've spent the better part of my life as a collector of every piece of plastic, resin, polystone, and brick (LEGO that is) that could possibly be put on my shelves. With that, we're kicking off our new Unboxing series, which will have us unboxing something really cool and unique to give you a closer look at some of these high-end (or off the shelf) goodies before you lay down your hard-earned cash to get them yourself.

In our latest episode we open up a Hot Toys Sixth Scale Nick Fury from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER! Exceptionally detailed and in the likeness of the one and only Samuel L. Jackson, this figure is one bad motherf*cker and then some.

You better keep both eyes open for this level of awesomeness!

This bad motherf*cker is on sale right now, so get your own NICK FURY Sixth Scale figure RIGHT HERE!

Next episode we're going to the Wasteland to unbox some new power armor. See you then!

Source: Joblo.com



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