Joe Carnahan announces his Uncharted script is complete & a total "beast"

Now that the UNCHARTED movie is back on track and aiming for a 2018 release, fans can now get their imagination-powered speculation trains moving as to who the movie will star, the plot and all sorts of curious things. But one thing we don’t have to worry about is the script, as writer Joe Carnahan has assured us it’s unique unto itself. Taking to Instagram the writer posted a picture of the UNCHARTED script, and announcing its completion with a benefiting caption that will surely give fans hope for a stellar adaptation.

The movie’s production has gone through many ups-and-downs over the years. Last fall alone it was announced the film was taken off Sony’s release schedule, only for it to be announced the flick had found a new director in Shawn Levy. The movie plans to begin filming this year so the script doesn’t spoil because, like milk, scripts tend to get real lumpy and gross if you just let them sit there. Always check the expiration date on your scripts, aspiring screenwriters.

In all seriousness, video game movies are almost always guaranteed to be cinematic roadkill, but UNCHARTED seems ripe for adaptation and destined to buck the trend. Inspired by movies like INDIANA JONES, UNCHARTED doesn’t require a ton of world building or explanation. Unless Carnahan wrote a think piece about the state of global affairs the movie should be a solid, fun and exciting blockbuster adventure movie. Although, if also manages to be a think piece on the state of global affairs then bonus points are in order.

The UNCHARTED movie will probably begin production this spring and be ready for a 2018 release.

Source: Instagram



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