John Travolta joins cast of FX's American Crime Story as Robert Shapiro

With two main characters already cast in Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Paulson, AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE VS. O.J. SIMPSON just landed their biggest name yet. Deadline reports that John Travolta has joined the cast of the AMERICAN HORROR STORY spin-off as Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro.

Travolta has seen a decline in his big screen gigs in recent years. Having been relegated to supporting roles in films like SAVAGES or direct to Redbox fare like KILLING SEASON, the Oscar-nominated actor is on the lookout for a second career resurgence. With AMERICAN HORROR STORY having worked wonders for Jessica Lange, who knows how it will work out for Travolta.

Ryan Murphy's true crime anthology series will be based on Jeffrey Toobin's account of the case.

The miniseries, which takes a look at the O.J. Simpson trial told from the perspective of the lawyers that explores the chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering on both sides of the court, and how a combination of prosecution confidence, defense wiliness, and the LAPD’s history with the city’s African-American community gave a jury what it needed: reasonable doubt.

John Travolta had a nice run of roles after PULP FICTION and then just backslid into a pile of crappy movies. I think the guy still has some talent and maybe the small screen is a better fit for him these days. AMERICAN CRIME STORY will represent Travolta's first TV role in 40 years. Serving as producer on the series, here's hoping it turns out as more than a trainwreck.

AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE VS O.J. SIMPSON is slated to debut sometime this year on FX.

Source: Deadline



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