John Wick 3 welcomes back writer Derek Kolstad for more over-the-top action

We've got some satisfying news for all of you JOHN WICK fans out there! Are you ready? Derek Kolstad, you know, the dude who penned the first two films in the franchise, is officially coming back for another round of head-shots as the scribe of JOHN WICK 3! Another slice of fist-pumpingly good news is that the third film in the JOHN WICK series is being fast-tracked, and is set to begin production this fall with Keanu Reeves expected to reprise his role as the puppy-loving, finely-suited assassin. 

From what I've gathered, Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the first movie with Derek Leitch and solo-directed the second cinematic bulletfest, is working closely with Kolstad and is developing the project with an mind to direct the action and revenge thriller sequel.

Well alrighty then! I'm digging the idea that those so closely involved with the JOHN WICK franchise are making a concerted effort to keep their pre-existing bonds nice and tight for the sequel. I had a blast when I saw JOHN WICK 2 in theaters a few months ago, and immediately wanted for there to be another round in the chamber for Reeves and his team of bad ass creatives.

Production on JOHN WICK 3 is expected to begin this fall.

Extra Tidbit: John Wick uses a Center Axis Relock stance for close combat and changes into Weaver and Isosceles stances for long range shooting.



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