Ballerina: John Wick spin-off starring Ana De Armas showcases footage at the Lionsgate CinemaCon panel

While The Continental has premiered on Peacock, Lionsgate is unleashing the beginnings of the John Wick expansion with a preview of Ballerina.

Last Updated on April 14, 2024

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The John Wick spin-off, Ballerina, starring Ana De Armas, has unloaded footage all over the audience at Liongate’s panel at CinemaCon. According to our own Chris Bumbray, who was in attendance, the spin-off takes place between Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Chapter 4. They also conveyed that the film was tracking so well that the studio gave director Len Wiseman and Wick series director Chad Stahelski more money in the budget to create additional massive action sequences.

The trailer that was shown showcased De Armas doing MMA and gunplay, much like Keanu Reeves in the Wick films. However, it is noted that the fight sequences in Ballerina are very different from the Wick movies. Here, they look “more feral and less polished.” The movie is also said to be “insanely violent.” Although it is known that Reeves has a cameo, the preview teases his appearance as a trailer stinger.

The spin-off had a long journey. First, it wasn’t related to the John Wick franchise at all, then it was rewritten to take place in the world of The Continental. The movie would also undergo reshoots or “new shoots” according to Wick franchise star Ian McShane. McShane revealed that Chad Stahelski was brought in to “protect the franchise.” In an interview, he stated, “You know, it’s like, they’ve gotta protect the franchise. We did it about a year ago. And they’ve looked at it and Chad’s come in. And they wanna make it better cause they have to protect [the franchise].”

Ballerina stars Ana de Armas as a young woman with killer skills who sets out to get revenge when hitmen kill her family. As the film takes place in the John Wick universe, it will feature appearances from several franchise characters, including Ian McShane as Winston, the owner of the Continental Hotel, the late Lance Reddick as Charon, the Continental’s concierge, and Anjelica Huston as the Director, the head of the Ruska Roma. The film will also include Catalina Sandino Moreno, Gabriel Bryne, and Norman Reedus in unknown roles.

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