Jon Hamm Rumors: Doctor Strange, True Detective, and The Walking Dead

Jon Hamm will be wrapping up work on the final season of MAD MEN next year and then the sky's the limit for the actor with matinee idol good looks. Hamm has been rumored for numerous roles since making Don Draper a household name on AMC's period drama. But, his big screen career has yet to truly explode. This summer's MILLION DOLLAR ARM was his first starring role in a major studio film and failed to light up the box office. Still, his turns in THE TOWN, SUCKER PUNCH, and BRIDESMAIDS showed the guy has a wide range of abilities.

That being said, the man once rumored to be a fit for Batman or Superman has already been squashed as a contender for Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE. Apparently this rumor didn't even have time to take off as it has already be squashed on Twitter. Hamm definitely could make a good superhero, but I am not so sure Strange was the right fit for him.

Rumors also have been circulating that Hamm would be a fit for the second season of TRUE DETECTIVE, which would definitely be an intriguing choice depending on the direction the series is going in. Creator Nic Pizzolato has been very tight lipped about who he has in mind for the follow-up to the spectacular first run with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Maybe Hamm would be a good fit, but as the villain?

Speaking of villains, Jon Hamm has also been named in connection with the role of Negan on THE WALKING DEAD. During the recent weekend marathon of THE WALKING DEAD, Chris Hardwick asked showrunner Scott Gimple about his favorite casting rumor and he named Hamm as Negan. For those unfamiliar with the comics, Negan is a psychotic character who truly makes The Governor look like a lightweight. Gimple neither confirmed nor denied Hamm in the role but it does make for a very interesting casting choice. I can easily see Hamm playing the character and it would be quite the sight, but would he be up for joining another television series?

The future looks bright for Hamm, but I keep envisioning him in more comedic rather than dramatic roles. Hopefully we get to see him in better projects than the generic MILLION DOLLAR ARM.



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