Jon Spaihts pens Doctor Strange and actors that are still on the short list

Earlier this month we found out that Scott Derrickson would be directing Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE and now it looks as though a new writer has come on board too. Jon Spaihts, best known for writing the first draft of Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS and Universal’s upcoming reboot of THE MUMMY, is set to script the film.

Spaiths confirmed it on his Twitter and Deadline reported the news adding that Marvel wants to get this picture rolling and have a list of actors they’re eyeing for the lead role. On the list, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, as previously reported, and now Jared Leto is officially on it as well. If you've read the comments on that Leto story when it was just a rumor, you will know he is not a favorite choice around here. He's also in talks to replace Will Smith in BRILLIANCE so he may consider that role instead if he’s perused.

If you haven't checked out our Exclusive with Scott Derrickson talking about DOCTOR STRANGE and the fan reaction you should do that right now.

Who form the list would you like to see play the part? Any other suggestions?

Source: Deadline



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