Josh Brolin shows off his guns (and not the firearms kind) for Deadpool 2

So after a long search, it seems that Josh Brolin is indeed going to be playing Cable in the DEADPOOL sequel. And he's apparently not taking that role lightly! While it isn't surprising, it seems Brolin is hitting the gym hard to get that inhuman Rob Liefeld-physique. No CG for this guy (that's for his other Marvel role).

Anyway, here's an Instagram post that's showing off his regimen:

According to the Instagram post, Dave Batista (Drax from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) apparently saw Brolin bulking up at the gym, and commented “What the f*ck happened to you?!”, with Brolin responding "Haha. Best compliment ever."

Yes, it's a slow news day.

Meanwhile, DEADPOOL 2 will wise-crack in theaters June 1st, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Cable is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey in an alternate timeline after Apocalypse, but he goes back in time to stop Apocalypse, and then he gets infected with nanites at some point, and...you know what? It only gets more complicated from here.
Source: Instagram



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