Just how much is the origin of Spidey being altered in The Amazing Spider-Man?

I'm going to preface this story with a SPOILER warning, so if you want to remain in the dark about possible details about THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN just go ahead and skip this one.  You've been warned.

Okay, if your'e still with me, let's get down to it.

The folks over at Bad Ass Digest decided to share some information that may or may not sway you on this whole "new" origin of Spider-Man in the upcoming film.  I'll let them tell it:

"Three sources have told me this, but I held it. I didn't see the point in running it now, when the movie has been shot and edited and is ready to go. Nothing can be changed. But then the new trailer hits today and all but spells this out, so what the hell, here we go:

Spider-Man's origin has been changed in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. The spider bite no longer gives Peter powers, it rather activates something already in his genetic structure. Something placed there by his father. Peter Parker is no longer super-powered by chance, but rather by design."

When talking about the traditional mythos of Spidey this is a pretty big change.  There have been a number of changes that have rolled down the pipe, including the exclusion of the amateur wrestling scene, that have fanned the flames of fanboy outrage.  Now, comes the notion that Peter Parker's Papa infused his kid with a genetic something-or-other that gives him powers, rather than a nerdy science kid getting bit by a radioactive spider.

If accurate (and the trailer released yesterday eluded to this heavily), this is a rather large thematic shift for Spidey.  The only question is: Will fans bite?  I know that some of you will be off your rocker with this news (and let's not forget what Raimi did to the origin with the clumsy Sandman inclusion in SPIDER-MAN 3) and others may be indifferent.

I'm kind of numb to it all, myself.  I'm not feeling the film, but I know many are (people were clapping after the trailer during THE AVENGERS screening last night), but it really does feel that they are going out of their way to change things up in order to not cover old ground.  It's a big risk.  Will it pay off?

How much are you willing to let slide on a reboot of your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man?

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN opens on July 3, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I'm almost wondering if the negative press for this flick will actually work in its favor. Surely, many of the naysayers will still warm a theater seat for the film regardless. And don't call me Shirley.
Source: Bad Ass Digest



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