Keanu Reeves secures financing and distribution for his directorial debut Man of Tai Chi

Back in 2008, we ran a report about a film Keanu Reeves was getting involved with tentatively titled TAI CHI TIGER. At the time, we knew next to nothing about the project other than that it would reunite Reeves with his legendary MATRIX fight coordinator Yuen Wo Ping and that it would star martial arts asskicker Tiger Chen. But in the three plus years since that news, THR now reports that TAI CHI TIGER has turned into MAN OF TAI CHI and that it will mark Reeves' directorial debut!

Universal has taken on the martial arts project along with Village Roadshow which will co-finance the film. Along with directing, Reeves will also co-star alongside Tiger Chen. That earlier report from 2008 had Reeves pegged as the film's villain, though that's not being confirmed at this time. MAN OF TAI CHI will be set in contemporary Beijing and tell the tale of "a young martial artist whose fighting skills brings him to a realm of vast opportunities, and painful choices."

Reeves will reportedly shoot MAN OF TAI CHI in both Mandarin and English with production expected to begin this February in China.
Extra Tidbit: Tiger Chen was part of the fight team in THE MATRIX films.



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