Ken Jeong signs on for The Hangover Part III and gets an expanded role

If you saw THE HANGOVER, then you saw THE HANGOVER PART II even if you didn't see it. That's the argument for the franchise thus far. Many people believe that the second installment is just a retread of the first in Thailand. While it did have some laughs, fans are hoping for a good close when the third and final film comes out.

Right now, we know that the film will take place in three separate locations: LA, Las Vegas, and Tijuana. It is also expected to begin with the guys breaking Alan out of a mental health facility. Now it seems Mr. Chow will be playing a bigger role in this installment.

Ken Jeong has signed on to THE HANGOVER PART III to reprise his role, which will be expanded. Will Mr. Chow help bail out his buddy, Alan? No telling. The details of the script are being held under wraps. Will another member of the party go missing? I'm hoping we get a little bit of a formula for this installment. Wait, can they meet up with Heather Graham again?

THE HANGOVER PART III is expected to hit theaters May 23, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Get "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo on that soundtrack stat!
Source: THR



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