Kevin Costner lands key part in the next Jack Ryan film and its spinoff Without Remorse, Tom Hardy being courted for the lead in Without Remorse

Last time we reported on the upcoming Kenneth Branagh-directed Jack Ryan film, we heard that Kevin Costner (MAN OF STEEL) was being offered the part of a CIA bigwig. Well, Deadline is reporting that Costner has taken the role, and that now he and Paramount are working out a deal to have him play the same character in the studio's Jack Ryan spinoff WITHOUT REMORSE, which is being written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

According to Deadline, Costner will play "William Harper, a true blue American idealist who recruits and mentors both Ryan [to be played by Chris Pine] and John Kelly, the latter of whom becomes the CIA operative Clark by the end of Without Remorse." Costner's role, one being created for both films, will essentially serve as the bridge between two potential Paramount franchises. A great idea if well executed, but it gets better...

Almost as an afterthought, Deadline briefly mentions that Tom Hardy (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES) is being courted by Paramount to play 'John Kelly' aka 'Mr. Clark' in WITHOUT REMORSE. Should he accept and say yes, then essentially, THIS MEANS WAR will become official Tom Clancy canon.

Source: Deadline



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