Kevin Feige hints revealing Avengers 4 title could spoil Infinity War

The title for next year’s AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR sums up what we can expect quite nicely, as we know the movie will team up all the biggest heroes in the franchise as they go to war with Thanos’ big, purple, gold-plated body. What about the following year’s fourth AVENGERS movie, though? We have no title for it yet, and Marvel president Kevin Feige hinted as to why that is, all while retaining a high level of sneakiness.

While talking with Cinema Blend, Feige was asked to elaborate on something directors Joe and Anthony Russo said about not wanting to announce the title for the movie, and if that’s because it could spoil the fourth film. Feige responded bluntly:

Yeah, for sure.

 Man the wheel and set the sails, because it’s time to sail the high seas of Speculation Ocean!

Marvel is one for playing things pretty close to the chest in terms of content, but they don’t always shy away from giving up very basic details, like titles.  Some have speculated that Thanos may not even play a big role in the fourth film, a thought that grew when the “Part 2” was taken off the table. Feige was asked if The Mad Titan would still be around come the fourth film, and Feige of course refused to give up the goods:

They're two very different movies. That's all I'll say.

Damn that beautiful man. The events of INFINITY WAR will have huge consequences leading to the fourth film, so could the title hint at the massive causalities people are expecting in the third film? Could the fourth title be something blunt like THE NEW AVENGERS, given how Feige has said the members of the team would be very different after AVENGERS 4? We're seeing characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and all these other characters who aren’t officially Avengers making big entrances, so the thought of them taking over the team isn’t too far-fetched. I’m off to my darkened thinking lab to mull this over.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR debuts May 4, 2018 with every damn hero you've ever seen.

Source: Cinema Blend



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