Kevin Feige says Marvel is "trying to figure out what to do" with Daredevil and Punisher

Ever since Marvel got the film rights back for Daredevil and Punisher, people have wondered if (and when) the company will do more films (or a television series) featuring the comic book characters. While talking to Bleeding Cool, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says they are still trying to decide what they should do with the characters, and there isn't a rush to put them back on the big screen.

We’re trying to figure out what to do with Daredevil now. Punisher could show up at one point. You know, once we get characters back into the Marvel fold we don’t want to do something right away, we want to do the smart thing at the smart time.

His comments are similar to ones he had previously made on the characters, although it does sound like at least a couple of conversations have taken place already for Punisher. With Marvel's big plans for television, both characters could potentially end up in a series instead of another movie, but I think most fans won't be happy with the idea if it's on ABC. Especially with characters and stories as dark as the ones featured in the Punisher and Daredevil comics.

But at least Marvel is cautiously exploring their options instead of just trying to shoehorn Punisher and Daredevil into their cinematic universe, and hopefully we'll get excellent silver or small screen versions of these two great characters in the near future.

Extra Tidbit: Which character do you think would work better in a television series: Punisher or Daredevil?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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