Kevin Smith posts first look at the iconic duo in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Announced two years ago, Kevin Smith has officially started rolling on his latest Jay and Silent Bob adventure, JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT, which has finished its first week of filming. Smith is stranger to documenting his movies on social media, and to mark the end of the first week he’s posted the first look at the return of the iconically goofy duo, Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith), looking incredibly unnerved by something near the woods.  Did they happen upon Ben Affleck doing something suspicious? Is Ben Affleck okay??

This first pic of the duo is the first we’ve seen of them in the actual movie with past images, like the recent one with the two and Jason Lee’s Brodie Bruce, and another between Smith and CLERKS star Brian O'Halloran, being from behind the scenes. Now we have the best idea yet of how the two will look after years off the big screen, and in truth, they look…exactly the same. In the caption, Smith wrote about changing little except for the shirt Mewes is wearing, depicting in-movie superhero Ranger Danger.


SNOOGANS! Here’s a first look at @jayandsilentbobreboot, courtesy of our genius @dpronlevy and our master stills artist @kylebonokaplan. On this adventure, Silent Bob’s dressed pretty much the same as he’s been in #Dogma through #clerks2, but Jay’s outfit has changed a bit, including his Ranger Danger t-shirt designed by @captain_ribman (the artist who created my Fat Man logo). Years back when I was working on Clerks III, Ribman and I came up with a slew of Ranger Danger comic covers to flesh out the world of the flick and make it seem like Ranger Danger had been around as long as Superman and the Fantastic Four. When Clerks III went away, the artwork sat dormant on my laptop for years. But when Reboot started taking serious shape, I blew the dust off the Ranger Danger artwork and put it to work all over Brodie’s Secret Stash. But I saved the Dark Knight-ish Ranger Danger: Requiem shirt for Jay to wear throughout the flick because in the world of our movie, Ranger Danger: Requiem is a gritty, rebooted version of a childhood superhero fave. Today marks the end of Week One of filming, and what a wonderful week it’s been! We’ve already shot a fist fulla cameos and @JayMewes is CRUSHING his return to the role that made him famous! If you’re way into this shit like I am, we’ve kicked off a making-of series on my @youtube channel (like we did for Clerks II back in 2006) called “The Road to Reboot”! See it at the link in my bio. #KevinSmith #jaymewes #movie #jayandsilentbobreboot #nola #sabanfilms #neworleans #wwambassador

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Ah, it's like nothing has changed. Well, okay, a little has changed: Smith has been getting healthy and losing weight, so there won't be as many fat jokes hurled at him this go around. All in all the duo are indeed a bit longer in the tooth, but aside from a few more wrinkles they look right at home in the roles that made them famous, fit with long hair, big coats and charm to win the hearts of audiences. 

Smith has also been posting video coverage of the production, kickstarting a series called Road to Reboot and posting the first video on YouTube on Wednesday. In the caption above Smith promised more videos for fans to watch and see how the production is coming along.

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