Kick-Ass 2: The Biggest Grain of Salt

Kick Ass character banner

Seriously, please take this with an extra large helping of understanding that this is a rumor very much unconfirmed by anyone official.  Now with that said and out of the way:

According to artist John Romita Jr., "the deals have been signed [for KICK-ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL] and the production will ramp-up this Summer for a May 2013 release."  Writer Mark Millar confirmed as much several months ago, but Millar also does love to talk up a storm way before anything is actually happening.  On another note, Romita also revealed that "the film may contain an animated sequence which Romita also said that he’d like to take charge of for the film, but the details of that are still up in the air." 

I feel like KICK-ASS was well-enough received that we'd already know if production was legitimately starting so soon - maybe they're still trying to hammer out some sort of deal with Chloe Moretz to return as Hit Girl, considering how she is already set to shoot the remake of CARRIE this June and may therefore not be available.

So for you fans of the first movies, what do you most hope to see in the sequel if it does indeed come to pass sometime soon?

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