Kiefer Sutherland says that a 24 movie will be here in 2012

Fans of the series, 24 have been waiting for a movie with the awesome Jack Bauer. They've been waiting since 2007-2008 when it was first brought up that the movie would be filmed between seasons six and seven.

It's 2011 now and Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland is still promising that the 24 movie is coming. While talking with the ladies of THE VIEW, Sutherland says this about the status of the film:

"Yes it will come out in the summer of 2012."

Is he f*cking around with us? I can't handle all this shit. Was he a little drunk? It's hard to believe that things will be rolling out that soon. Currently there's no director, even though Sutherland has been ralling for and talking to Tony Scott. Also, I thought that the script still wasn't approved. Billy Ray (SHATTERED GLASS) was the last person on the screenplay.

Check the video out below to see if Sutherland has had a drink of two.

Source: Vulture



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