Kind of a big deal! Anchorman: The Exhibit at the Newseum

Ron Burgundy is literally in a glass case of emotion. 

Having conquered the realms of television news, feature films and scotch, the mustachioed newscaster brings his talent good looks from San Diego to Washington D.C. to officially become part of history. And what more fitting location than the prestigious Newseum—the nation's foremost interactive journalism museum—to chronicle the rise of the Channel 4 News Team?

Opening today, ANCHORMAN: THE EXHIBIT is part history lesson and part loving tribute to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's 2004 classic comedy. As you make your way through the Newseum, past pieces of the Berlin Wall and headlines from around the world, a glorious beacon beckons you from the second floor. When you get closer, you'll recognize the beaming apparition is in fact Ron Burgundy's iconic burgundy suit—encased in an eight foot tall, revolving glass display. It's exactly as classy as you'd expect. 

The exhibit features over 60 of the film's most recognizable props, costumes and reminders of the anchorman's prowess and personal style. Marvel at Ron's mustache brush, "IM #1"license plate, and flaming "yazz" flute. Soak in Brian Fantana's actual Sex Panther cologne. And cuddle up with a stuffed prop version of Baxter the dog (complete with headgear and Channel 4 pajamas). Aside from Ron's legendary suit, there's plenty of other stylish 70s threads on display, including Veronica Corningstone's white jumpsuit, Ron's orange pool party bathrobe, and his post-firing hobo outfit—still stained with milk (which was a bad choice). If you close your eyes, you can just smell the rich mahogany.

And for budding journalists, there's also a life-size replica of the Channel 4 News Desk where you can yell out, "The Human Torch was denied a bank loan." 

Coolest of all: As you peruse these historical artifacts, you'll be treated to interactive content from Will Ferrell created just for the exhibit. Ron Burgundy answers his most pressing fan questions from Twitter, such as "What are you most proud of in your career?" ("My 13 Emmys… that I got a yard sale.") or "What's your advice for aspiring news anchors?" ("Drink plenty of fluids. And by fluids I mean bourbon and gin. And enuncilate.") You can watch a sample clip below:

It is a museum though, so you can't walk away without at least something educational. Never-before-seen pre-production materials explain how the film came about and which real newsmen served as the inspiration for Burgundy. (Philadelphia anchor Mort Crim actually said, "I liked women, but I wasn't sure their place was necessarily sitting beside me on an anchor set, doing what I did.") The exhibit also explores the history and reality behind the humor, from the real-life water skiing squirrel to the challenges women faced in newsrooms in the 1970s. Interviews and stories from Katie Couric, Connie Chung, Maury Povich and others give you the real scoop, while some of the chauvinistic evidence is pretty funny.

And finally, what museum tour would be complete without a trip to the gift shop! The Anchorman Store at the Newseum has pretty much everything Ron Burgundy could ever want, from scotch glasses to mustache coasters. You can even pick up your own bottle of Sex Panther. (Yes, it smells like pure gasoline.)

A must for any Ron Burgundy fan, ANCHORMAN: THE EXHIBIT will be on display at the Newseum through Aug. 31, 2014. Click here for more information and tickets.

Extra Tidbit: If that's not enough Papa Burgundy for you, the exhibit will be updated with memorabilia from ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES starting December 17th.
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