Lars Von Trier to release his next film, Nymphomaniac, in two parts

Lars Von Trier films are definitely an acquired taste. ANTICHRIST was one of the most difficult movies I have ever seen (and I have watched A SERBIAN FILM) and MELANCHOLIA was incredibly depressing.  However, there is no denying that Von Trier is a talented and unique filmmaker.

His next film will be entitled NYMPHOMANIAC and will follow the erotic life of a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50.  Von Trier plans to film both pornographic and non-pornographic versions of the film.  He will also be releasing it in two parts, which is the popular trend these days, yet not typically for art house sex films.

The film(s) will be shot simultaneously and edited as one film before being split.  The movie will star Von Trier's latest muse and star of both ANTICHRIST and MELANCHOLIA, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Who knows if this will even work as a film.  With Von Trier's history of taboo statements, this may just be his latest attempt to shock the film world.  Either way, we will see how far he pushes the envelope this time.

Plus, it gives me a chance to share this.

Source: Vulture



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