Legend spends big

The only way for the production team behind I AM LEGEND to spend more money at this point would be to somehow finance the resurrection of Jesus. Apparently for one particular scene (when shooting took place for six consecutive nights) the production had a crew of two hundred and fifty, a thousand extras, one hundred and sixty members of the National Guard, four Department of Defense Humvees, three Styker armoured vehicles, a flotilla of Coast Guard boats, a Coast Guard helicopter, a Black Hawk Army helicopter and the original painting of the Mona Lisa, which crew members set on fire when they got cold. Okay, not really the Mona Lisa, but how ridiculous is that? This particular scene, which takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge, explains how Smith got to be the last human on Earth (the movie is based on the Richard Matheson novel about the only survivor of a lethal virus that has wiped out the world's population, leaving only mutant zombies types), and is, yes that's right, a flash back. This is pretty huge, but Will Smith is by far the most bankable star in Hollywood right now. He could take dumps in DVD cases and they would sell like hot-cakes, so there's no doubt this movie is gonna recoup. Click HERE to check out the full article, which alleges this scene alone could have cost almost $30 million!
Extra Tidbit: THE OMEGA MAN is also a movie adaptation of the novel upon which I AM LEGEND is based.
Source: Film Stalker



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