Legendary Pictures has found a director for the Hot Wheels movie

In case any of you were still wondering-- yes, they are still making a HOT WHEELS movie because if you can make a NEED FOR SPEED movie, you can make one for HOT WHEELS.

At first it seems pretty stupid: "They based a movie idea on car toys?" Then you come to the realization that stupid shit is going to get made whether you like it or not. In reality, what's actually irritating is the fact that we hear about all these amazing projects that could be made, and we get…HOT WHEELS. It could be fun, right? With the right cast and a decent script...

That said, Legendary Pictures has hired Simon Crane to direct the film. You may not have heard of Crane before but he is a rather renowned second-unit director. He's worked on films like WORLD WAR Z, STARDUST, and QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Paul Attanasio (DONNIE BRASCO, SUM OF ALL FEARS) serves as scribe on the project.

No word on the plot, so just use your imagination for now.

Source: Coming Soon



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