Let's compare the TV spot for The Thing reboot to a commercial for the John Carpenter original

THE THING doesn't open for about another month but by all accounts I've heard, the movie pretty much stinks. It's been quietly screening this month for some select folks and the feedback has been pretty much what we feared from the get-go. It's telling that the film was being considered for one of the gala screenings at Fantastic Fest but never made the cut. It's all a shame because for all our skepticism towards remakes/reboots, I genuinely hope each and every one of them will succeed because, well, I love movies (more specifically, I love good movies and want more of them).

A new TV spot for THE THING has begun airing and gives some more quick glimpses at some of the creature FX in the movie. I'm not sure if just by looking at this I could smell the stink of a bad movie (unlike that horribly misguided first clip) but just for the sake of comparison, I've included the commercial for John Carpenter's THE THING below as well so you can get an idea of marketing and what it may (or may not) mean towards the ultimate quality of a film.

I find it interesting that the 1982 TV spot showed absolutely nothing in terms of creature effects, meanwhile the modern version has multiple views of the alien. It was sold as a scary, suspense movie and this new one feels more like a monster horror film from the commercials. Take a look below and let me know what you think...

THE THING (2011) TV Spot
THE THING (1982) TV Spot
Extra Tidbit: "Check newspapers for local listings..." Ha!
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