Liam Neeson says there are no plans for a fourth Taken movie

The TAKEN franchise has done many things, including making a disgusting amount of cash and solidifying Liam Neeson, of all people, as a bona fide action star. The actor has, ahem, taken…to this with aplomb, starring in numerous action flicks where he uses his fists and thick Irish accent to save the day. However, though he isn’t done pummeling baddies he is finished showing off his particular set of skills in order to save his fictional daughter.

While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the star was asked by the host of there are any plans for a fourth TAKEN film, to which it took Neeson all of one millisecond to respond:

No, there’s not. There’s only so many times your daughter can be taken. Actually if we do have another it will be, "Please can you take my daughter’?”

He sounds very confident about this, and thank the Lord for it. Though he did say he was open to doing another film about a year and a half ago, there really is only so many times his character, Bryan Mills, can get into some sort of kidnapping scenario.  But that won’t stop Neeson from regaling the world with stories about fans of the series, especially one taking place in a bathroom:

I was standing there doing my business and this other man was there doing his business, and you know, men we don’t look at each other, you do your business, studying the tile. I heard this guy quoting the line from Taken: “I will find you.” I thought, “Here we go.” And I made the mistake of turning to look at him and he did this [Neeson sticks out his hand for Colbert to shake].

The first TAKEN is undeniably fun, with Neeson bringing his brand of head-bashing awesomeness to the role, and making the world a much better place in the process. However, the series went on about two movies longer than it should've, so it’s a bit refreshing to hear Neeson say we won’t have to see Mills anymore. Sadly, though, this could be less because that cow’s been milked and more the fact there's now a TV show based around the series on NBC focusing on Mills’ time in the CIA, which will air this February. You know, so now all you folks out there who have been interested in the series, but hated all that awesome stuff about it, can finally have something to watch. You happy now, Craig?



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