Hotties vs. Geeks III

If you've heard anything about me and Hall H this past weekend you'd know that we left on bad terms. The line-up for TWILIGHT kept me in the blazing hot sun for four hours listening to little girls and strange little boys listing the ways to be a dreamy vampire. Joker made me giggle. That was enough for me. Ladies, lose the combat gear and angelic wings and we'll talk. GEEKS 1 - HOTTIES 0

1. Voltron vs. Vampirella

It's an epic battle to end with. That Voltron costume was fucking awesome but there's no way I can overlook the shaved commitment of Vamp. I'm torn between two fantastic costumes, which means we have our very first tie in the history of Hotties vs. Geeks! Geeks 5.5 - Hotties 4.5 Holy shit! Geeks win! Geeks win! To be honest, I had a feeling this would be the year of the nerds. Walking the floor, it was obvious there was a definite downfall in the Hotties aspect of the Con. Congratulations Geeks, you've taken your convention back.

2. Fat Guy vs. Booba Fett

I'll give the guy credit for walking around like that but Booba sets a new standard for Star Wars hot. You can only stare at so many Slave Leia costumes before you get bored. Geek 5 - Hotties 4

3. Fry & Bender vs. Green Hornet Girls

Another close call but I'm going to have to go with the Futurama boys. The Green Hornet hotness never even saw the Con floor and made it that much more impossible to get in my hotel because of all the people gathered around them. Selfish, I know. Geeks 5 - Hotties 3

4. Fandago Bag vs. Wonder Woman's Friend's Giant Rack.

I'm usually lost with these promotional costumes. This is no different. He's a lunch bag, right? Good for him, look at the size of those wonder twins!. Geeks 4 - Hotties 3

5. Whiplash vs. Scarlet Witch

This just might be our best battle yet. Be sure to notice that Whip's whips actually light up. This is a major factor in him beating a very hot Witch. Geeks 4 - Hotties 2

6. Luke vs. Side-boob Leia

He might not be trying to be Luke but for the sake of some good old sibling rivalry, he is. Leia costumes are a dime a dozen on the Con floor but few can deliver the side boob like this one. Look out, here they come. GEEKS 3 - HOTTIES 2

7. Captain Whatever vs. Booby Ivy

I'm sure somebody will tell me who that dude is supposed to be but, to be honest, I don't care. She might not be the hottest woman on the floor but she fills that costume out nice and just got the Hotties on the board. GEEKS 3 - HOTTIES 1

8. Masters of the Universe vs. Frumpy Bat Villains

I loved me some Master of the Universe when I was a kid. Getting to see a voluptuous Skeletor and Beast Man wandering around the Con floor was a major treat. These chicks were just standing in the hallway waiting to have their pictures taken the whole time I was there. I think they were scared of the going ons inside. GEEKS 3 - HOTTIES 0

9. Mr. & Mrs. Captain America vs. The Hat Girls

The Captain couple are rockin' their shit pretty hard. That dude was massive too, and I ain't just talking about his package. Those girls are wearing some sort of squirrel hats with pockets over a couple prom dresses. Lame. GEEKS 2 - HOTTIES 0

10. Batman Beyond vs. Knife in the Head Chick

I don't know why but I love the fact that Bats has his luggage with him. And the fact that he's owning the spotlight is making me love this guy. Stabby Suzie looks way too happy for the part and we could have used some more cleavage. GEEKS 1 - HOTTIES 0

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