Top 10 Kick Ass Female Led Movies To Celebrate Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month which means this is four weeks meant to celebrate and reflect on the sacrifices and struggles that 51% of the population have endured to reach the point they are at today. Sure, things may seem contentious these days and there are controversies ranging from CAPTAIN MARVEL star Brie Larson's comments to the #MeToo movement, but we can put that aside and enjoy all of the movies led by actresses who kick all sorts of ass. This list ranks the ten best movies to celebrate women in movies and can be enjoyed regardless of your gender. In fact, I am willing to bet you already love most, if not all, of the movies on this list. If you think we missed one or want to share your favorites, let us know in the comments below.

Honorable Mention - GHOSTBUSTERS

There was so much hate for Paul Feig's female-led reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS. As a movie, it was fun and taken on it's own merits you can enjoy the hell out of it. If you compare it to the classic 80s films, you will always come up short, but that doesn't take away from the breakout performances from Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones who bring the funny opposite the solid anchors that are Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.


Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot defied all expectations and delivered the best DCEU film to date. While the ending and main villain may be weak, WONDER WOMAN is the empowering and positive role model that the world needs. While AQUAMAN has taken things in a more Marvel-like direction, this movie still shows that you can strike a balance between the aesthetic of Zack Snyder's films while not getting totally mired in darkness.


Karyn Kusama's movie was barely a blip on pop culture's radar in 2009, but the Diablo Cody-scripted horror film has gained a cult following. Megan Fox gives her best performance in a movie that looks at sexual violence and women's rights in a darkly comedic manner. Written off as a teen movie, JENNIFER'S BODY deserves a second look and is more timely than ever.


Ridley Scott is one of the few male directors on this list, but it is his 1991 movie that almost single-handedly changed the portrayal of woman on film. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon empowered an entire gender with their strong characters who don't sit back and take abuse. A damn great movie with one of the most iconic death scenes in movie history.


Another Karyn Kusama film, DESTROYER is one of the most devastating films in recent memory. Nicole Kidman was robbed of an Oscar for her disturbing portrayal of a cop broken. An unreliable narrator, we follow along on a story that is familiar but told from a unique perspective. At no point do you distinguish between the character being a woman versus just being a dirty cop and that is a big step for film.


Jennifer Kent's horror movie remains one of the most unique films of the decade. It is scary not only because of supernatural elements but also because everything that happens could be the manifestation of a stressed out mind. The film shows a mother at her breaking point and we as an audience are left to question what is real and what is nightmare. It is a disturbing and haunting idea that also sheds light on the difficulties of being a single parent in ways few films can address.


Renny Harlin's action film predates spies like Black Widow or even Jason Bourne, giving us a seemingly ordinary housewife who is actually one of the most badass killers in film history. I never expected Geena Davis to be so fucking awesome as she defies all expectations in her performance as Charlie. This film may be infinitely quotable thanks to Samuel L. Jackson, but it is the indelible work of Davis that set the table for female characters over the last two decades.


Julia Roberts' cleavage was a big talking point when this movie came out, but Steven Soderbergh's true story about the titular character shows that your clothes and attitude are far from your sole defining traits. Brockovich herself was an outspoken advocate who helped a lot of people and she has continued to do so long since this film won awards and accolades. Roberts is stellar in the lead role that was very different than anything she had played to that point in her career.


JOHN WICK gave us action scenes and hand to hand combat unlike most other action movies and director David Leitch took it to the next level with the 80s set ATOMIC BLONDE. Seeing Charlize Theron perform her own stunts adds to the brutality on screen and lends it some additional intensity. Going toe to toe with countless henchmen and come out bruised but victorious makes Lorraine Broughton one of the baddest asses of all time. Plus, her fluid sexuality gives her an edge on all genders. Take that, James Bond.


MAD MAX remains one of the most testosterone fueled franchises in movie history and yet the universally beloved FURY ROAD is almost entirely female-centric. Tom Hardy is good, but his take on Max Rockatansky serves mainly as a gateway for Charlize Theron's stunning performance as Imperator Furiosa. They could easily spin the series off and focus on her and most people would have no problem with it. George Miller's insane feature length chase sequence is a visual masterpiece but also one of the most empowering feminist films ever made.


Sigourney Weaver managed to play fragile and strong, sexy and dominant, even scared and defiant all at the same time in her role as Ellen Ripley in the ALIEN franchise. From the classic first film through her shaved head in the third film and resurrection in the fourth, Ripley has been the definitive heroine who defies gender while also representing it. While you can certainly watch and love ALIEN without even bringing the question of gender up, that is exactly why it is so damn important.

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