Top 10 Star Wars Spin-offs We Want To See

ROGUE ONE hits theaters everywhere today and gives the world their first standalone entry in the STAR WARS universe. We already know a Han Solo standalone film is coming next but there are so many potential stories in George Lucas' fictional universe that are worth seeing told on the big screen. Here is our ranking of the top ten stories we want to see as standalone tales in the STAR WARS universe. If you disagree with our picks or have an idea we missed, let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - Rise of the Sith

Like The Old Republic storyline, the legends of how the Sith split from the Jedi is a story worth exploring. We know of the long standing battle between the dark and the light of The Force, but we have never seen the tale of where these powers come from. I am not talking midichlorians but rather the tales of Darth Plageuis and Darth Revan. While they are not part of canon, there is definitely a worthy tale to be explored in the annals of STAR WARS history.

#2 - Mandalorian Civil War

Maybe I am the only one who doesn't want a Boba Fett standalone film, but that is because there is so much more to the Mandalorians than just one bounty hunter. The Jango Fett storyline from the prequels kind of killed any desire to show us more of Boba, but the history of the Mandalorian Civil War would make for a nice follow-up to ROGUE ONE. The battle sequences illustrated in comic book form are perfect storyboards to bring this dark chapter in STAR WARS history to life.

#3 - The Old Republic

The fan favorite video game has explored an ancient era of STAR WARS mythology that people have clamored to see turned into a movie. The animated REBELS and CLONE WARS series have dipped a bit into the legends and history of the galaxy but we have yet to get a full blown origin story. This could be a standalone that turns into the next episodic saga once Skywalker story comes to a close.

#4 - Stormtroopers

THE FORCE AWAKENS showed us the face under a stormtrooper helmet for the first time and revealed that these are not clones but rather brainwashed humans drafted from around the galaxy. This would make for a perfect chance to give the world STAR WARS: FULL METAL JACKET. Show us the troops through a different lens and maybe we won't feel so bad about their awful aim.

#5 - The Knights of Ren

I think THE FORCE AWAKENS intentionally kept the origins of the Knights of Ren vague because they want to explore it in future films. If the mysterious upstart from the remnants of the Sith is not delved into during Episode VIII or IX, it would be prime material for a solo adventure (pun intended). Adam Driver could play the same role and show us how he fell to the Dark Side.

#6 - Obi-wan

Ewan McGregor is by far the best part of the prequels. Taking Alec Guinness' portrayal and taking the action up a notch, McGregor immortalized the Jedi master. The actor has already said he is game to play Ben Kenobi again so why not give us the spin-off we want? Set it on Tatooine in the years between REVENGE OF THE SITH and A NEW HOPE and there are countless possibilities for adventures with the old hermit.

#7 - Underworld

The cancelled Underworld video game teased an exploration of the seedy side of Coruscant hinted at in ATTACK OF THE CLONES. There is an entire element to the STAR WARS galaxy that we never see. If ROGUE ONE can take out favorite space opera and turn it into a gritty war epic, why can't we get a MEAN STREETS or GOODFELLAS set on the capital of the former Republic? I would love to see that movie.

#8 - Droids

The animated series focused on the droid characters was about as well regarded as the Ewoks cartoon. But, with all of the advancements made to bring BB-8 to life and the buzz surrounding K2-SO in ROGUE ONE, a spin-off focused solely on the robotic characters in STAR WARS could be cool. I for one want to see a Lobot spin-off but that may be just me.

#9 - Yoda

We have heard that this spin-off has been in development and it has been received with mixed fanfare. Some would love to see more of the little, green Jedi master. Others think we already saw too much in the prequels. But, little is actually known about Yoda's backstory or species and seeing how he became the legend he is would make for a cool story.

#10 - Another galaxy

George Lucas' original version of STAR WARS was very different than the film we got in 1977. It has been published in comic book form and shows us a different galaxy far, far away. While all of the events of the Skywalker saga take place within a single galaxy, what would another distinct galaxy appear like? Creating an alternate galaxy to explore could prove very cool and give Lucasfilm the chance to break out of the confines of the canon they have become accustomed to.

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