Lovely Bones Trailer

Lovely Bones book cover

It HAS been a long time since Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES was announced, and we've all been jonesing for a peek at it ever since. The wait is now over, at least so we can crave it even more.

The film is based on the best-selling novel from Alice Sebold and a script by Jackson himself with, as usual, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh. Which one is married to him again? Keep forgetting... Anyhoo, the story follows a murdered young girl who journeys through the afterlife while watching her family trying to cope with and solve her death.

Two things I retain from watching the trailer. One: it has the look and feel of Jackson's pre-Rings work, namely HEAVENLY CREATURES. And Two: Michael Imperioli's in this? SPIDER! Things just got even cooler for that movie! Watch and rejoice: Only 5 months to go. So enjoy the trailer down there, or check out its APPLE HD version.

Extra Tidbit: Will this film help the awesome Stanley Tucci take his rightful place among the great creeps of movie history?
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