Mark Millar teases big Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl news is on the way

Unlike the KINGSMAN series, the KICK-ASS movies didn’t quite achieve liftoff into mainstream success. The panned KICK-ASS 2 crushed hopes for a third movie, and years have gone by without any real development of future projects. In last few days, however, comic book creator Mark Millar has taken to social media to tease some big news regarding the series, and lord only knows what goodness is awaiting us.

Though the author has been keeping very tight lips on what exactly the news is, Millar has taken to Twitter the last few days to tease fans with some “big news” regarding KICK-ASS, saying we will hear said news this upcoming week.

Fans are probably aware of how Netflix acquired Millar's Millarworld and all his comic creations, but this excludes likes of KINGSMAN (released by 20th Century Fox), as well as for KICK-ASS (distributed by Lionsgate and Universal). Perhaps with comic book movies surging in popularity in recent years, the big wigs are ready for KICK-ASS 3 or a Hit-Girl movie. KICK-ASS 2was released in 2013 to dismal reviews and was only able to make $60 million at the global box office. 

What do you guys think this big news is? I for one am pretty outspoken in regards to how much I hate KICK-ASS 2, but the first movie is fantastic, and I believe there's plenty more in that world worth exploring.  I don't know if actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Chloe Moretz would return,  but anything is possible in this magical world of ours. 

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE hits Blu-ray next month.

Source: Twitter



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