Mark Ruffalo and Amanda Seyfried join the bank-robbing magicians in Now You See Me

The magician heist thriller NOW YOU SEE ME has picked up a few more actors to join the cast of FBI vs. magic men. Joining the previously cast Jesse Eisenberg and Melanie Laurent (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) are Mark Ruffalo and Amanda Seyfried. Jake Gyllenhaal was previously mentioned as part of the cast but he's curiously absent from the latest casting report, which may mean his ship has sailed.

The film will star Eisenberg, Laurent and Seyfried as a group of magicians who perform daring heists during their act. Eisenberg will play one of the magicians with Laurent his beautiful assistant and Seyfriend a technical genius who designs their various contraptions. (Nice to finally see the tech whiz in a movie be a beautiful woman, especially since the role was originally written as a man.) Ruffalo will play the FBI agent who's hot on their trail.

The film is being directed by Louis Leterrier, a director with chops who badly needed to get out of the big-budget FX racket after working on INCREDIBLE HULK and CLASH OF THE TITANS back-to-back. The film is being produced by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, which I'm sure will give some fanboys pause but just chill everyone.

There are still some major roles left to cast (including one more member of the magician team and an old-school mentor) so stay tuned for more from this film (and confirmation as to whether Gyllenhaal is in our out.

Source: Variety



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