Marvel releases two deleted scenes for Doctor Strange

Man, just when I'm getting weary of the MCU, something like DOCTOR STRANGE has to come along and pull me back in. It was fun, irreverent, and trippy. Beyond that, it was clever - like the SPOILER city reversing climax or the non-violent (to his enemy) way Strange defeats Dormammu - which was very refreshing.

So it's my pleasure to introduce some deleted scenes, that will presumably find their way in the home release. Either way, enjoy:

I actually liked these scenes, but I can totally see why they were cut. With a limited time, you need to establish a lot in this universe, and - rightfully so - they wanted to focus more on Strange himself than his villain. Furthermore, while atmospheric and well-acted, these scenes don't really tell us any pertinent new information we couldn't glean from the rest of the film. Still damn interesting and fun to see regardless.

Meanwhile, DOCTOR STRANGE will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray for people who don't just steam shit February 28th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Dan Harmon of COMMUNITY and RICK AND MORTY fame was brought on to do dialogue touch ups, but almost none of his jokes were implemented.
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