Matt Damon's directorial debut will star John Krasinski and be called Father Daughter Time?

There was a brief period when Matt Damon (ELYSIUM, WE BOUGHT A ZOO) was being talked up as a possible directorial candidate for the Ben and Casey Affleck-penned New York Yankees wife-swap film THE TRADE. That project sounded like it was right up everyone's alley... except possibly former Yankees Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich (the wife swappers)? The film is now officially on hold due to undisclosed legal matters.

However, that setback won't be deterring Damon's filmmaking goals. According to Vulture, the A-list actor himself said that he would be directing a film believed to be FATHER DAUGHTER TIME and that it would be starring John Krasinski (THE MUPPETS, "The Office"). Here's Damon while questioned at the American Institute for Stuttering 5th Annual Benefit Gala:

"I am coming closer to a directorial thing, yes. I've got a few things that I really want to direct, and one I'm actually going to start at the first quarter of next year. John Krasinski's in it."

The film (formerly referred to as FATHER DAUGHTER TIME: A TALE OF ARMED ROBBERY AND ESKIMO KISSES) is based on a hot spec script that Warner Bros. just recently purchased. It would feature Damon as "a criminal on the lam with his daughter."
Extra Tidbit: I still can't believe that Krasinski was at one point up for the role of Captain America. And I still can't tell if that would've been genius or simply a disaster.
Source: ColliderVulture



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