Meet Robert Downey Jr. and see Age of Ultron plus Hawkeye character poster


Okay, let's face it: You're going to see AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. With that said, if you have a shot at seeing it in style, you might as well take it! That's why Omaze has partnered up with Julia's House and Robert Downey Jr. to award one winner (and a friend) a chance to be flown out to L.A. and hang with Tony Stark himself before walking the red carpet to see Marvel's latest. That's not all, as you'll also experience indoor skydiving, a helicopter ride over the Holl​ywood sign, a custom tux/gown fitting, and a pit stop at Randy’s Donuts, all in preparation for your caviar tasting with Downey Jr. before riding in his private motorcade to the movie premiere.

Here's RDJ on the matter:

All it takes to enter the contest is a $10 donation to Omaze that will benefit Julia’s House, a children’s hospice center dedicated to helping improve the lives of children diagnosed with terminal illness. Even if you don't win the contest, you'll rest easy knowing the money was spent on a good cause. If that's not enough, a certain Avenger took to WhoSay earlier today to drop the latest character poster. Let's welcome Jeremey Renner's Hawkeye to the character poster roster below! There's not many characters left so we'll see who Marvel has in store for us tomorrow!

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON will hit theaters on May 1, 2015.


Source: WhoSayOmaze



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