Meet the robots of Real Steel in new character posters

It's a strange metric to use, but if we were ranking upcoming movies by skepticism, REAL STEEL would be near the top of my list next to BATTLESHIP and ASTEROIDS.

The robot punch-a-thon has just debuted four character posters (via ComingSoon) which are all the rage right now. They give us a look at some of the robotic personalities we'll find in the film. I don't think we're supposed to know details about most of them, but I know Atom is the one Hugh Jackman and his kid build and train.

As for the others? After seeing the intricate work that went into the design of each Transformer in those films, it's a bit off-putting to see robots that look far more simplistic, like art drawn by a five year old brought to life.

I do like Noisy Boy.

Extra Tidbit: Now if someone made a BATTLEBOTS movie where they could use actual weapons, I would be all for it.
Source: ComingSoon



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