Meg Ryan will be making her directorial debut with the dramedy Into the Beautiful

It feels like it's been such a long time since we've heard any peep out of actress Meg Ryan (THE WOMEN, THE DOORS). But today that changes, as the once Hollywood darling is back making her directorial debut with the film INTO THE BEAUTIFUL.

According to Variety, the new comedy-drama from screenwriter Anne Meredith (RATED X) is being developed as a modern version of Lawrence Kasdan's excellent 1983 film THE BIG CHILL, about longtime friends reconnecting. Film's producer Wendy Finerman tells Variety, "I'm often drawn to pictures that make you laugh and cry. I think this is the perfect project for Meg to bring to life. She's poignant and funny and heartfelt."

But before Ryan can put her eye to the doughnut hole, she actually will be starring in a small film due out later this year called LIVES OF THE SAINTS, opposite the odd medley of Kat Dennings, John Lithgow, and 50 Cent.

INTO THE BEAUTIFUL will begin production this September in New York state.
Extra Tidbit: Meg Ryan looks like this now.
Source: Variety



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