Michael Dougherty confirmed as director of Godzilla 2

So, while it had been rumored and hinted at, it seems that it's now official: Michael Dougherty will indeed be directing GODZILLA 2!

Like I've said before, I think this is great news. I loved his previous films TRICK 'R TREAT and KRAMPUS, and feel he can add a dose of fun and humor to the franchise that - under Gareth Edwards - got a bit tedious and overly serious. I mean, I love treating the franchise seriously, but there's no need to not have some fun with it as well, right?

Furthermore, it seems he might be involved in GODZILLA VS. KONG which is pretty awesome (if true). Though, I wonder how they'll make that fight seem even remotely fair?

Either way, GODZILLA 2 is set to destroy some cities March 22nd, 2019, while GODZILLA VS. KONG is set to destroy even more cities May 29, 2020. No cities are safe!

Extra Tidbit: Everytime I hear the word "GODZILLA", for some reason the line "...and GODZOOOOKY" from the 70s cartoon pops in my head. I never even really *watched* that cartoon!
Source: Variety



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