Michael Douglas shares his thoughts on Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man

You're not likely to hear too much from the current cast and crew of ANT-MAN about Edgar Wright's departure. Obviously they're upset, but they're not about to go bash either party, especially before there's even a finished product. However, Michael Douglas was willing to give us some of his thoughts about it in a recent interview promoting his newest film, AND SO IT GOES.

In regards to whether or not he was disappointed by Wright's departure:

I was very disappointed. I’m a big fan of his movies. It's a very disappointing situation, happened very late in the game. I don’t think anybody’s quite recovered and my heart goes out to Edgar. He’s been involved with the project for a long time, but he’s talented enough that you’ll be hearing a whole lot from him, and I’m sure with a little vengeance.

The video on which this quote originates is important to note, as Michael Douglas' tone suggests that he's been around this situation before and directors coming and going is business as usual as far as Hollywood is concerned. For Wright fans, a blow was dealt when Edgar left, but the movie will get made and that's that. I suppose at this point it comes down to your faith in Marvel as a film studio. While I'm much happier with them having more control over their properties, I do want to believe that they're willing to let other artists take their characters to interesting places. I can speculate all day and night, but we'll never know how Edgar's vision would have measured up with the final product.

ANT-MAN will be released, under the direction of Peyton Reed, on July 17, 2015.

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