Mila Kunis lends her voice to the stop-motion animated feature Hell & Back

The insane beauty that is Mila Kunis has joined ShadowMachine's HELL & BACK. The film is an R-rated stop-motion animated comedy which follows, "two best friends (Nick Swardson and TJ Miller) as they rescue their buddy who has been accidentally dragged to Hell." You might know ShadowMachine from their credit on ROBOT CHICKEN. Alright, no need to convince me to see this one.

Kunis will lend her voice to the role of, "Deema (Kunis) is a female demon whose ability to navigate the underworld makes her the toughest rogue demon in Hell. Her independent streak may come from her greatest secret: She's half-human. She was sired by the Orpheus of myth when he traveled down the River Styx years ago. What the myths don't say is that he was nailing everything that moved. When Orpheus is revealed to be...well, a bit of a tool, frankly...Deema has to look inside to figure out what it means to be human. She's the Han Solo of the film."

Synopsis: In HELL & BACK, Remy, Augie, and Curt are on summer vacation from community college, trying to save up for their dream pad by working at a local Carnival. When Curt reveals the failing park is going to close, Remy seeks out the resident fortune teller to find a quick fix to their predicament. The Blood Oath of Beelzebub may actually be more than they bargained for, and when Curt immediately breaks the oath, he's dragged kicking and screaming into the depths of Hell. Remy and Augie manage to follow, but are they prepared to fight the legions of Hell to get their friend back? Spoiler: No. No they are not.

Remy and Augie team up with the beautiful half-demon, half-human Deema to navigate their way through Hell to rescue Curt before Beelzebub claims him for good. Along the way we meet a Devil obsessed with his small penis, a sassy Angel with a sharp tongue, and the mythical man / child Orpheus, stuck in Hell after rescuing his precious Eurydice and loving every minute of it. Hell & Back is both an irreverent look at the mundane operation of Hell and an exploration of its more exotic corners...

HELL & BACK is directed by Tommy Gianas (HUMAN GIANT, TENACIOUS D) and Ross Shuman. Rob Riggle, Brian Posehn and Kumail Najiani are also signed on.

Extra Tidbit: I want to see more from Seth MacFarlane's TED which also involves Kunis. Would you like to Mila her Kunis? Sorry, I had to...
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