Mila meets Max

Mila Kunis, soon to be seen in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, has signed on to co-star with Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming videogame adaptation MAX PAYNE. Kunis will star as Mona Sax, an assassin who teams up with Wahlberg's Payne to avenge the death of his wife and baby. Presumably making out will also ensue. John Moore (BEHIND ENEMY LINES) will direct the film for Fox based on a script by Beau Thorne. The original game was released for Xbox and PS2 in 2001 with a sequel ("The Fall of Max Payne") released in 2003. A third "Max Payne" game was announced shortly thereafter but has never progressed any further than that. It will be interested to see a game like MAX PAYNE, which was so heavily influenced by film, be adapted into a movie itself without seeming overly derivative of the movies it was inspired by (like John Woo's classics and THE MATRIX). Wahlberg recently wrapped filming on THE LOVELY BONES for Peter Jackson and will begin filming PAYNE later this spring in Toronto. And before you ask, yes, Fox is planning for a PG-13 adaptation.

Extra Tidbit: Kunis has been dating Macauley Culkin for six years (?!).
Source: Variety



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